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Severe Weather Event

February 10, 2009

A strong storm system moved into Oklahoma during the early afternoon hours. Ahead of this system, unseasonably warm and moist air flowed into central and eastern Oklahoma. These combined with strong winds aloft to produce a favorable environment for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Thunderstorms developed early in the afternoon and a tornado watch was quickly issued. Severe thunderstorms moved into central Oklahoma with at least one producing the Edmond, Oklahoma, tornado. By early evening another thunderstorm moved into south-central Oklahoma and produced a tornado that hit Lone Grove. This tornado resulted in 8 deaths and a 36 mile long path.

Pictures 1 - February 14

Situation Update 5 - February 13

Situation Update 4 - February 12

Situation Update 3 - February 11

Situation Update 2 - February 10

Situation Update 1 - February 10

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