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May 1-2, 2008 Severe Weather Event

During the afternoon of May 1st, a strong storm system moved into the central U.S. In Oklahoma, Gulf of Mexico moisture was moving into the state and when combined with temperatures in the upper 80s made for a very unstable atmosphere. A cap about 4000 feet up, which acts as a lid on the atmosphere, prevented thunderstorm development for much of the day. Around 6pm, a few thunderstorms developed along a dry line just west of Oklahoma City. Two main storms evolved, with the first one moving across Oklahoma and Lincoln Counties. This storm produced 3.5 inch hail in Midwest City and wind damage. The second storm formed in Logan County and moved into Pawnee and Osage Counties. This storm produced several tornadoes, along with large hail. During the overnight hours a cold front moved through the state with a line storms along it. These storms produced winds to 75mph and hail to 1 inch.