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FEMA/OEM Disaster News


OKLAHOMA CITY - Preliminary Damage Assessments (PDA) continue this week in counties affected by the severe winter storms that began on Jan. 12. These assessments are first-hand surveys conducted by teams of federal, state and local emergency management personnel to determine the type and amount of damage that governments and individuals may have suffered.

Preliminary damage specialists have extensive experience in:

Public Assistance -- inspecting structures, roads, water and sewer treatment facilities and other essential public facilities; and
Human Services -- interviewing residents to determine the extent of the disaster on individuals.

The joint teams visit the disaster scene to determine the extent of private and public damages and to estimate the types and extent of federal disaster aid needed.

This week PDA specialists will visit some of the homes damaged by the winter storms; team members will not visit all damaged homes.

It's important that homeowners are aware that teams may be assessing damages in their neighborhood. All PDA specialists carry photo identification, and residents are encouraged to ask for this ID if they are interviewed on the extent of their damages.

PDA teams do not ask for any personal information, such as a social security number or financial information. The teams do not register anyone for any type of disaster assistance; they are in neighborhoods only to assess storm damage.


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