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December 19, 2006 Winter Weather Event Executive Order

I, Brad Henry, Governor of the State of Oklahoma, pursuant to the power vested in me by Section 2 of Article VI of the Oklahoma Constitution hereby declare the following:

  1. Texas County, Oklahoma experienced severe snow and ice storms December 19, 2006 through December 20, 2006. The entire County, to include respective cities and towns, has been affected. Joint State and local damage assessments are currently being conducted, and will continue until the entire County has been surveyed.
  2. It may be necessary to provide for the rendering of mutual assistance among the State and political subdivisions of the State with respect to carrying out disaster emergency functions during the continuance of the State emergency pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Emergency Management Act of 2003.
  3. There is hereby declared a disaster emergency caused by the snow and ice storms in Texas County that threatened the lives and property of the people of this State and the public's peace, health and safety.
  4. The State Emergency Operations Plan has been activated and resources of all State departments and agencies available to meet this emergency are hereby committed to the reasonable extent necessary to protect lives and to prevent, minimize, and repair injury and damage. These efforts shall be coordinated by the Director of the Department of Emergency Management with comparable functions of the federal government and political subdivisions of the State.

This declaration of emergency shall terminate as provided in 63 O.S.2005, Section 683.9.

Copies of this Executive Order shall be distributed to the Director of Emergency Management who shall cause the provisions of this order to be implemented by all appropriate agencies of state government.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma to be affixed at Oklahoma City, this 21st day of December 2006.


Brad Henry

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