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June 10, 2007 Severe Weather Event

On June 10, 2007, widespread showers and severe thunderstorms developed across Oklahoma during the afternoon. This activity moved slowly north and produced excessive rainfall across Nowata and Washington Counties where 4-8 inches of rain feel through early Monday morning. Early Tuesday excessive rainfall fell in Logan County. Late Wednesday additional activity developed across western Oklahoma with a few tornadoes reported. Due to repeated storms in specific areas, flash flooding became a problem. Kiowa and Major Counties were hardest hit as 3-6 inches of rain fell in a few hours. This story was repeated in eastern Oklahoma early Friday with Creek County receiving excessive rainfall. Excessive rainfall has continued across parts of Oklahoma. As of June 26, 2007, the general atmospheric pattern remains the same with areas of showers and thunderstorms mainly across the southeastern 2/3rds of the state.

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