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Provides design storm frequency to be used in design.

Provides information on acceptable methods of determining flow rates to be used in design joint probability.

The existing bridge maintenance files are provided with all projects and should be examined prior to designing a replacement bridge so that you can understand the location and its history.Use this information when developing and calibrating existing bridge models.Provides description of naming convention of files.Link to flood database.

Standard Bridge Beam Length and Types (finished grade to low beam dimension used for design)

Provides standard bridge length and type for design.

Provides standard bridge RCB span and height to be used for design.

Provides link to FEMA map center, instructions on how to create a Firmette and how to perform a hydraulic study for ODOT when the bridge is located within FEMA zone AE.

Provides information about which calculations are required and how to use the soil survey.

Provides information about detour design and sizes and what information goes in summary and an example for large drainage areas.

Provides specific content, format and report requirements.

Provides specific content, format and layout for summary sheet and bridge layout.

Provides copies of a blank permit and direction for acquiring a Firmette.

Last Modified on Nov 01, 2020
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