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Asphalt Mix Designs

For asphalt mix design approval requirements, click this link:  Asphalt Mix Design Policy

E-Business Forms

To see contact details for submitting signed 93-E0 form(s) and correspondence to ODOT, click this link:  Submit

Form Rev. Date Description of Form
93-E0.1 6/17/2020 (Preferred) .xls version of Request/Approval Transmittal Letter. Includes pick lists from online data sources, which are automatically updated daily.
93-E0 6/17/2020 .pdf version of Request/Approval Transmittal Letter


In the following model, the Form 93-E0 (represented by the green colored indicator) that is submitted to ODOT, represents either a signed Form 93-E0.1 (Preferred) or a signed Form 93-E0.  As a final step, ODOT will distribute a Form 93-E0.2, which shows that a signed copy of either Form 93-E0.1 or Form 93-E0 is on file.


Within the following reports are links to mix designs.  The links are calculated from data.  If a link does not work, please contact the Bituminous Mixture Lab.  A broken link may be a result of a misnamed or misplaced mix design file.

Un-terminated Mix Designs Approved for Contrtact Use Within the Last 365 Days

Report Description of Report
Producer (365 Day) Grouped by Producer
Contract (365 Day) Grouped by Contract
County (365 Day) Grouped by Primary County
Mix ID (365 Day) Grouped by Mix ID

All Un-terminated Mix Designs Approved for Contrtact Use

Report Description of Report
County (ALL) Grouped by Primary County

All Mix Designs Approved for VPO Use Only

Report Description of Report
VPO (ALL) Grouped by Producer

All Terminated Mix Designs

Terminated (ALL)
Last Modified on Jan 05, 2021
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