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2023 Annual Report

Memorandums of Understanding or Agreement

Reference 74 O.S. § 3122


ODOT Construction Projects

Annually updated plan approved by the Transportation Commission that encompasses critical transportation improvement projects on state and U.S. highways and interstates. Includes maps of planned projects in each of ODOT’s eight field divisions

Asset Preservation Plan

Detailed strategy for preserving the state’s system of highways and bridges through investment in preventative maintenance and rehabilitation projects

County Improvement for Roads and Bridges Plan

Planned projects in the County Improvements for Roads and Bridges program annually updated in partnership with county commissioners and approved by the Transportation Commission. CIRB Plan GIS and CIRB Accomplishments.

Oklahoma Public Transit Policy Plan

In 2019, in accordance with House Bill 1365, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation established the Office of Mobility and Public Transit  to improve the delivery and coordination of public transit services, ensuring that resources are aligned to meet mobility needs across Oklahoma. To aid in this effort, the Oklahoma Public Transit Policy Plan was developed as a joint effort by ODOT and the Oklahoma Transit Association and completed in 2020.

Long Range Transportation Plan

The Long Range Transportation Plan will help provide a long-term vision for highways, rural public transit, waterways, state-owned rail,airport access and pedestrian and bicycle facilities. It addresses goals related to safe and secure travel, infrastructure preservation, mobility choice, connectivity and accessibility, freight and economic vitality, environmental responsibility and efficient intermodal system management and operations

ODOT Information

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