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Contractor Compliance - Preconstruction (Consultant)

Good Faith Efforts

When ODOT has established a DBE contract goal on consultant contracts, ODOT awards the contract only to aconsultantwho makes responsible Good Faith Efforts (GFEs) to meet or exceed the goal.For more information, click here.

Prompt Payment

The Department has established that, when criteria for payments are met, 15 calendar days is a reasonable time to make payment and the consultant will provide Sub-Consultant payment within that time.The 15calendar day period for sub-consultant work and services provided will commence on the date the consultants receives payment from the Department for the work.Sub-Consultant payment information will be prepared utilizing the forms and/or in the format required by the Department. The Consultant will check and review forms carefully to assure each is complete and accurate prior to submittalto the Department.

In the event, prime consultant fails to comply with prompt payment requirements or a pattern and practice of prompt payment violations is recognized and all other efforts for remedy have been exhausted, the agency shall invoke administrative actions including but not limited to the withholding of solicitations.

For information on the Prompt Payment Process and Prompt Payment Form, click here.

Last Modified on Mar 10, 2022
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