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The Excess & Surplus Land Review


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) currently uses an eveluation processess called the EXCESS LAND REVIEW, to review and evaluate property owned by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for sale, or lease.  This process starts when a customer is curious about having a parcel of land reviewed as Excess & Surplus to the needs of the State.  Some of the most common reasons to have a parcel of land reviewed as Excess & Surplus include, but are not limited to:

  • To purchase vacant ODOT property that is next to your owned property.
  • To purchase a private utility easement.
  • To lease property for your business / private use.
  • To purchase access rights to access your property.
  • To investigate the  ownership of interested property.

Once a customer has identified a parcel of land that they would like to have reviewed as Excess & Surplus, they are encuraged to fill out the Excess Land Online Request Form, download the Excess Land PDF Request Form to fill out at a later date, or request to have a paper copy of the Excess Land Reqeust Form sent to your address for conveinence.  Please fill out the form with as much information as possible, and please include any documents or other information you would like to add to the application (i.e.; Warranty Deeds, Easement Deeds, ALTA Surveys, Construction Plans, Proposed Sketches, etc.), and submit the form with the information either Online or by United States Postal Service to:

  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation
  • Right-of-Way & Utilities Division Division
  • ATTN: Surplus Property Management
  • 200 N.E. 21st Street
  • Oklahoma City, OK  73105-3204
As soon as the customer's application is picked up by one of our Real Property Managment Team Members, a search process will begin to identify what is currently OWNED and/or CONTROLLED by ODOT in an internal abstract process and compile that information along with the customer's application and any additional information that was submitted with the Excess Land Application., and create a Round Robin Review Packet where eight (8) Upper Management & Senior Staff members will review and comment on the included information to either recommend or not recommend the surplus land request.  This Round Robin Review is a sequential-signature review process that can take several weeks or more to complete. If the Round Robin Review is recommended and approved for disposal, our Real Property Managment Team Members will move as swiftly as possible through the next steps in the process and help make the customer's request a success.
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Last Modified on Jan 25, 2024
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