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Contractor Compliance
Bulletin Board Required Postings

On projects which are funded all or in part with federal funds, the contractor is required to post certain informational documents at the jobsite for the benefit of the construction workers. All required information is to be posted on a bulletin board. The bulletin board shall be weatherproof and watertight and be located in an area readily accessible to the project employees.

All posters are in a PDF format. Click here to print a full checklist of required bulletin board postings.

Federal Posters:  
A. Poster-EEOC-Equal Employment Opportunity Is the Law (11/09)
A-1. Poster EEOC SP -La Iqualidad De Opportunidades De Empleo Es La Ley(11/09)
B. Poster - EEO is the Law Supplement(11/09)
B-1. Poster - SP - EEO is the Law Supplement- Spanish(11/09)
C. Poster - WH-1321 - Employee Rights Under the Davis Bacon Act (04/09)
C-1 Poster - WH-1321 SP - Employee Rights Under the Davis Bacon Act - Spanish(04/09)
D. Poster - FHWA-1022- Notice Federal Aid Projects (05/15)
D-1. Poster - FHWA-1022 SP- Notice Federal Aid Projects - Spanish (05/15)
E. Poster - OSHA-3165- Job Safety and Health
E-1. Poster - OSHA-3167 SP- Sequirdad En El Trabajo Y Proteccion De La Salud
F. Poster - WH-1088 - Employee Rights Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (07/16)
F-1 Poster - WH-1088 SP-Derechos De Los Trabajadores(07/16)
G. Poster - WH-1420- Your Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993(04/16)
G-1. Poster - WH-1420 SP - Sus Derechos bajo La Ley de Ausencia Familiar y Medica de 1993(06/16)
H. Poster - WH-1462- Notice Employee Polygraph Protection Act (07/16)
H-1. Poster - WH-1462 SP - Notice Employee Polygraph Protection Act - Spanish (07/16)
I. Poster - OSHA-1926.5 - Emergency Telephone Numbers of Medical Facilities and Ambulance Services
J. Poster-WH-1284 - Notice to Workers with Disabilities Paid at Special Minimum Wages(01/18)
J-1. Poster-WH-1284 SP - Notice to Workers with Disabilities Paid at Special Minimum Wages - Spanish(01/18)
K. Poster - Notice Military Family Leave, Public Law 110-81
L. Poster - Your Rights Under USERRA(04/17)
M. Poster - Pay Transparency - Nondiscrimination Provision
M-1. Poster - Pay Transparency - Nondiscrimination Provision - Spanish
State Posters:
N. Poster - State Minimum Wage- Your Rights Under the Oklahoma Minimum Wage Act (three posters)
O. ODEQ Authorization to Discharge Certificate with Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number
P. Poster - Oklahoma Law Prohibits (two posters)
Contractor Posters:
Q. Contractor's EEO Policy Statement
  • Company EEO policy statement
  • Letter naming Contractor's EEO officer(s) with contact information
  • Letter listing all subcontractor's EEO officer(s)
  • Letter of certification of nonsegregated facilities
  • Contractor's Training Program information
  • Contractor's procedures for resolving discrimination complaints
  • Contractor's designated safety officer
R. Davis-Bacon Wage Rates from the contract shall be posted on or near the Bulletin Board
Last Modified on Feb 08, 2021
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