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Policy & Procedure

(1300 - Project Finalization)

Item Number Description of Item Rev. Date
1302.0 Material Certification Process (General) 3/24/2017
1302.1 Materials Certification Letter 3/27/2017
1302.1A Small Quantities Acceptance Report 5/29/2007
1302.1B Failed and Accepted Materials Report 5/29/2007
1302.1C Final Outstanding Items Report 5/29/2007
1302.1D Final Sampling Checklist 5/29/2007
1302.1F Sampling and Testing Modifications Report 5/29/2007
1302.1G No Data in Key Contract Test Templates Report 5/29/2007
1302.1H Unauthorized Samples Report 5/29/2007
1302.2 Additional Tools (General) 5/29/2007
1302.2A Audit Concern Indicators Report 3/27/2017
1302.2B Contract Sample Summary Report 5/29/2007
1302.2C Failed Materials Report 5/29/2007
Last Modified on Feb 07, 2023
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