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Specific Gravities of Bituminous Materials

All current test data is provided in automatically updated Microsoft Office Excel (.xls) spreadsheet format.  Data collected from late 2005 or early 2006 to present is available.  Data can be viewed based on a desired date range entered by the user.

For instructions regarding usage of the following spreadsheets, click this link:  Instructions for Spreadsheet Use

Current Test Data

Spreadsheet Subject of Spreadsheet
Asphalt Cements Average specific gravities and pounds per gallon
Cutbacks Average specific gravities, pounds per gallon, and percent residual
Emulsions Average specific gravities, pounds per gallon, and percent residual


Historical Test Data

Asphalt Cements

Report (.pdf) Date
06SGAC0105 1/5/2006
05SGAC0916 9/16/2005
05SGAC0824 8/24/2005
05SGAC0303 3/3/2005
05SGAC0113 1/13/2005
04SGAC0621 6/21/2004
04SGAC0315 3/15/2004
04SGAC0107 1/7/2004
03SGAC0101 1/1/2003
02SGAC1007 10/7/2002
02SGAC0911 9/11/2002
02SGAC0628 6/28/2002
02SGAC0311 3/11/2002
02SGAC0101 1/1/2002



Report (.pdf) Date
06SGCB0105 1/5/2006
05SGCB0824 8/24/2005
05SGCB0113 1/13/2005
04SGCB0614 6/14/2004
04SGCB0423 4/23/2004
04SGCB0107 1/7/2004
03SGCB0909 9/9/2003
03SGCB0619 6/19/2003
03SGCB0101 1/1/2003
02SGCB0101 1/1/2002



Report (.pdf) Date
06SGEM0105 1/5/2006
05SGEM0824 8/24/2005
05SGEM0111 1/11/2005
04SGEM0430 4/30/2004
04SGEM0107 1/7/2004
03SGEM0815 8/15/2003
03SGEM0303 3/3/2003
03SGEM0101 1/1/2003
02SGEM0101 1/1/2002
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