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Shop Fabrication Inspection

For acceptance to ODOT material specifications, certain products must have a specific approval marking on them prior to shipment.  The required marking is the result of an authorized pre-delivery inspection (commonly referred to as shop inspection) process.  Inspections are for quality assurance purposes.  Prior to production, contact Authorized Agents directly for details and instructions.

Product Types Example Products Authorized Agent
Fabricated Grates, Sign Supports, and Guardrail Items
  • Welded Overhead Sign Structures
  • Welded Steel Grates
  • Welded Sign Posts and Stubs
  • Galvanization
ODOT Materials Division - Structural Materials Branch
5201 N.E.122nd Street, Building 4011
Edmond, OK  73013-8306
Telephone:  405-522-9085 Fax:  405-522-0552
Precast Concrete Items
  • Concrete Pipe
  • Concrete Pipe Special Sections
  • Concrete Pull Boxes
Prestressed Concrete Bridge Items
  • Prestressed Concrete Bridge Members
  • Prestressed Concrete Piles
  • Elastomeric Bearing Pads for Prestressed Concrete
Cliff Ashford and Associates
P. O. BOX 645
Prague, OK  74864

Telephone:  405-833-9212 Fax:  405-567-3150
Structural Steel Bridge Items
  • Primary and Ancillary Steel Bridge Members
  • Steel Expansion/Compression Joints
  • Steel Bumper Angles
  • Bridge Anchor Plates, Anchor Bolts, and Bearing Assemblies
  • Bridge Diaphragm Rods
  • Elastomeric Bearing Pads for Steel Bridges
Cliff Ashford and Associates
P. O. BOX 645
Prague, OK  74864
Telephone:  405-312-6997 Fax:  405-702-4397
Timber and Lumber Items
  • Wood Posts
  • Wood Guardrail Posts and Blocks
  • Timber Piles
  • Wood Cross and Switch Ties
  • Lumber
  • Wood Preservative Treatment
Lee Inspection & Consulting Service, Inc.
P. O. BOX 5818
Bossier City, LA  71171
Telephone:  318-742-2787 Fax:  318-742-2520
Last Modified on Dec 08, 2020
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