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Community Outreach Programs

Contractor Compliance
Transportation Assistance Program (TAP)

The Outreach program "Transportation Assistance Program" (TAP) is designed to eliminate barriers in the transportation industry and encourage individuals from under-represented groups to apply for training. ODOT will provide weekly certification training opportunities throughout the year to help make individuals more employable. Training will be offered and funded for minority and female participants seeking employment in the construction trade industry.

This training will be offered for one week at multiple locations throughout Oklahoma. The series of 4 modules is designed to prepare individuals in entry level training for Labor, Trades and Crafts for persons interested in obtaining work in highway construction industry. The training does not require any prior construction experience and is intended to provide an overview of transportation construction work and prepare the student for entry level work in transportation construction projects.If you have questions contact the Civil Rights Division at405-521-3186.

To view current courses offered, click here.

National Summer Transportation Institute Program (NSTI)

The National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) is a key component among FHWA’s educational initiatives. The NSTI program is a Science, Technology and Math (STEM) focused program for high school and junior high/middle school students. It is administered by accredited colleges, community colleges and universities, accredited Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) throughout the United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Pacific Island territories and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The NSTI program objectives are to improve STEM skills, provide awareness to middle and high school students - particularly minority, female and disadvantaged youth - about transportation careers, and encourage them to consider transportation-related courses of study in their higher education pursuits. Host sites are required to commit significant program time to classroom participation. The length of the program is typically 2-4 consecutive weeks. Host sites may be student day programs or residential programs in which room and board are provided by the Host Sites to the students.


Previous ODOT NSTI Programs

National Summer Transportation Institute (NTSI) Program Request Proposal (RFP)

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT), partnering with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), is seeking accredited colleges/universities that would like to host the 2022 National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI) program.

The NSTI program is designed to introduce high school students (rising 9-12 grades) to all modes of transportation-related careers and works to encourage transportation-related courses at a college/university. The program can be either residential or non-residential, with a minimum of 15 participants, and range anywhere from 2-4 weeks. The requested FHWA budget should not exceed

$50,000.00. Colleges/universities are encouraged to seek partnerships with other entities for additional budget and/or in-kind contributions. Two proposals, of $50,000.00, to one (or two separate) colleges/universities may be awarded. The host site(s) is responsible for:

  •     Selecting Project Director and Staff
  •     Developing program and proposal for funding consideration
  •     Executing and implementing all aspects of the program
  •     Preparing final report (annual report)
  •     Budgeting and expenditure (must comply with OMB Circular A-21)

The deadline to submit a proposal is March 18, 2022, by 4:30 PM. Proposals should be emailed to Tables are required to be submitted in excel format. For questions regarding the proposal, please contact:

Bart Vleugels
Community Outreach Coordinator
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Cell: 405-318-1428






Last Modified on May 09, 2022