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Department Test Methods (OHDL)

(Active Status Publications)

Please contact Materials Division Lab Supervisor directly to express comments and/or ask questions about these publications. If replaced publications are available, there will be an active Archive link. NOTE: Publications are in PDF format requiring an Adobe Reader.

For inactive status publications, click this link:  Inactive.

Publication Rev. Date Original Lab Subject of Publication Archive
OHDL00 11/29/2006 N/A -- Revision and Control Procedures for OHD-L Documents N/A
OHDL03 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing for Skin-Over Time of Silicone Sealants N/A
OHDL04 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing for Non-Volatile Content of Silicone Sealants N/A
OHDL05 5/9/2011 .doc 91 Sampling Bituminous Material Archive
OHDL06 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Compressive Stress and Resilience of Elastomeric Mortar N/A
OHDL07 7/10/2003 .doc 93 Testing for Bulk Impregnated Specific Gravity of Aggregate N/A
OHDL09 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Field Determination of Clay Lumps in Aggregate N/A
OHDL11 9/17/2007 .doc 91 Requirements for Handling and Storage of Bituminous Materials N/A
OHDL13 11/2/2004 .doc 92 Determining Refractive Index of Glass Beads N/A
OHDL14 7/7/2020 .docx 93 Bulk Specific Gravity, Percent Density, and Longitudinal Joint Density of Compacted Asphalt Mixtures Archive
OHDL17 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing Water Retention Efficiency of Liquid Membrane - Forming Compounds for Curing Concrete N/A
OHDL18 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Testing for Percentage of Crushed Particles N/A
OHDL20 7/10/2003 .doc 95 Preparation of Caliche Soil-Aggregate Samples for Test N/A
OHDL25 1/9/2013 .doc 92 Testing for Total Insoluble Residue in Coarse Aggregate Archive
OHDL26 12/1/2010 .doc 93 Determining Bitumen Content in Bituminous Paving Mixtures Archive
OHDL38 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Determining Soft Particles in Coarse Aggregates N/A
OHDL39 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Determining Percent Moisture Absorption of Water Repellant Treated Portland Cement Concrete Cores N/A
OHDL40 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Determining Depth of Penetration of Water Repellant Treated Portland Cement Concrete Cores N/A
OHDL41 7/10/2003 .doc 91 Testing for Separation of Polymer from Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement N/A
OHDL42 9/9/2008 .doc 91 Testing for Elastic Recovery by Means of the Ductilometer Archive
OHDL44 9/24/2007 .doc 93 Measurement of Water Permeability of Compacted Paving Mixtures Archive
OHDL45 9/30/2014 .docx 93 Determining the Specific Gravity and Unit Weight of Compacted Bituminous Mixtures Using the CoreLok™ Apparatus Archive
OHDL46 7/10/2003 .doc 93 Checking Visible Segregation by use of the Nuclear Density Gauge N/A
OHDL47 10/13/2016 .doc 93 Guidelines for Resolving Differences in Test Results Archive
OHDL48 11/28/2018 .doc 93 Determining Percent Dust Coating of Cover Aggregates for Bituminous Surface Treatments Archive
OHDL49 9/14/2005 .doc 95 Determining Soluble Sulfate Content in Soil N/A
OHDL50 4/15/2022 .docx 95 Soil Stabilization Mix Design Procedure Archive
OHDL51 7/28/2009 .doc 95 Soil Modification Mix Design Procedure Archive
OHDL52 12/18/2006 .doc 94 Aggregate Proportioning Guide For Optimized Gradation Concrete Mix Designs Archive
OHDL53 1/24/2013 .doc 95 Standard Practice for Cement-Treated Base (CTB) Mix Design Archive
OHDL54 5/8/2014 .doc 95 Making, Curing, and Testing Cement-Treated Base (CTB) Field Samples Archive
OHDL55 8/15/2014 .docx 93 Hamburg Rut Testing of Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Archive
OHDL56 6/30/2011 .doc 93 Random Selection of Bituminous Mixture Samples. Referenced: Random Number Worksheet (.xls) N/A
OHDL57 6/30/2014 .doc -- Guide for Forensic Evaluation of Distress in Hot Mix Asphalt and Portland Cement Concrete Pavement N/A
OHDL58 10/7/2015 .docx 94 Loss of Soundness of Rock to Freezing and Thawing N/A
OHDL59 2/26/2016 .docx 93 Compatibility of an Asphalt Emulsion and a Job Aggregate Archive
OHDL61 2/26/2016 .docx 91 Emulsified Asphalt Residue by Evaporation (Pan) N/A
OHDL62 6/19/2017 .docx 94 Controlled Low Strength Materials N/A
OHDL63 9/7/2016 .docx 95 Using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) for Undercut N/A
OHDL64 7/7/2020 .docx 93 AASHTO Precision Statements N/A
OHDL65 7/7/2020 .docx 93 Sampling Bituminous Mixtures N/A
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