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Department Test Methods (OHDL)

(Inactive Status Publications)

Please contact Materials Division Lab Supervisor directly to express comments and/or ask questions about these publications.  If replaced publications are available, there will be an active Archive link.  NOTE:  Publications are in PDF format requiring an Adobe Reader.

For active status publications, click this link:  Active.

Publication Rev. Date Original Lab Subject of Publication Archive
IOWA DOT406C 5/2000 N/A 94 Iowa DOT Test Method No. 406-C - Determining the Shearing Strength of Bonded Concrete. For more photos of the testing jig see:  Additional Photos N/A
MATREP 11/6/2001 N/A 95 Scalp and Replacement of Oversized Particles - AASHTO T99 Methods C and D N/A
OHDL01 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Sampling Pigmented Paints and Enamels, Paint Vehicles and Pigments N/A
OHDL02 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Sampling Membrane Curing Compound N/A
OHDL08 7/10/2003 .doc 93 Compacting of Bituminous Mixtures for Stabilometer Value N/A
OHDL10 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing for Roundness of Glass Beads N/A
OHDL12 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing for Crushing Resistance of Glass Beads N/A
OHDL15 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Evaluating Damp-Free Properties of Glass Beads N/A
OHDL16 7/10/2003 .doc 93 Testing for Resistance to Deformation of Bituminous Mixtures by HVEEM Stabilometer N/A
OHDL19 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Measuring Mortar-Making Properties of Fine Aggregate N/A
OHDL21 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing Cold Applied, Two Component, Polymer Type Joint Sealing Compounds N/A
OHDL22 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing Ready Mixed, Cold Applied Joint Sealers N/A
OHDL23 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Determining Load Resistance of Pavement Markers N/A
OHDL24 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing for Heat Resistance of Reflector Units N/A
OHDL27 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Determining the Nightime Reflectance of Traffic Paint N/A
OHDL28 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Dry Sieve Analysis of Quick Lime N/A
OHDL29 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing for Shrinkage of Waterproofing Membranes N/A
OHDL30 7/10/2003 .doc 95 Preparation of Shales for Analysis - Atterberg Limits N/A
OHDL31 7/10/2003 .doc 95 Preparation of Shales for Analysis - Grain Size Distribution N/A
OHDL32 7/10/2003 .doc 92 Testing Epoxy Penetrating Sealer N/A
OHDL33 7/10/2003 .doc 91 Testing Asphalt Retention of Fabric Reinforcement N/A
OHDL34 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Testing Depth of Penetration of Concrete by Penetrating Water Repellant Treatment Solutions N/A
OHDL35 7/10/2003 .doc 94 Testing for Moisture Vapor Permeability of Treated Concrete N/A
OHDL36 7/10/2003 .doc 93 Testing for Retained Strength of Bituminous Paving Mixtures N/A
OHDL37 7/10/2003 .doc 95 Testing Shales Used for Highway Embankment and/or Subgrades N/A
OHDL43 7/14/2009 .doc 93 Determining Rutting Susceptibility Using the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer Archive
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