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IA Checklists for Aggregates (Controlled)

Checklist Dated Procedure Relative Evaluation Level
      Fully Certified
Materials Sampler
IACL009 11/16/2018 R 90 Sampling Aggregates Products
IACL010 4/29/2021 T 11 Total Materials Finer than 75-μm (No. 200) Sieve X  
IACL011 3/12/2021 T 27 Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregate X  
IACL012 10/13/2016 R 76 Reducing Samples of Aggregate to Testing Size X  
IACL015 11/20/2018 OHD L-48 Determining Percent Dust Coating of Cover Aggregates for Bituminous Surface Treatments X  

Combined Fully Certified

Combined Materials Sampler


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Last Modified on May 04, 2021
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