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Quality Assurance Program

Program Regulations and Plan

Document Dated Subject of Document
23 CFR 637   Off-site link to Code of Federal Regulations Title 23-Highways document which includes Quality Assurance Procedures for Construction (refer to Part 637, Subpart B).
QAPL003 12/11/2020 ODOT's Quality Assurance Program Plan


Independent Assurance (IA) Technician Evaluation


Report Period Covered Subject of Report
POST LIST Apr. - Jun. 2024 Quarterly Report of Technician/Category Combinations Randomly Selected for IA Evaluation
IAPR001 Last 18 Months Most Recent Satisfactory IA Evaluations of Technicians in the Last 18 Months
IAPR003 All IA Evaluations
All Satisfactory IA Evaluations of Technicians


Sampling and Testing Criteria

Standard Verbal Questions Performance Checklists Material Category
VQAGGR CLAGGR Aggregates (Controlled)
VQASPH CLASPH Asphalt (Controlled)
VQCONC CLCONC Concrete (Controlled)
VQSOIL CLSOIL Soils (Controlled)
Last Modified on Apr 01, 2024
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