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Quick Reference Guides (QRG's)

QRG Subject of QRG Modified Date
QRG001 Acceptance of Deformed Rebar from Unlisted Mills by AM5005 9/23/2008
QRG002 Aggregates - Multiple Optional Gradations on T27 Template 7/2/2009
QRG003 Attaching an Electronic Document To a SiteManager Window 8/14/2008
QRG004 Change Orders for Asphalt Binder Price Adjustments 9/28/2006
QRG005 Concrete Sample Record: Step by Step Procedure 9/23/2008
QRG006 Contract Activation Checklist 9/23/2008
QRG007 Creating a Change Order 1/23/2007
QRG008 Creating a Final Quantity CO/Final Estimate 9/23/2008
QRG009 Creating and Printing the Time and Diary Report 12/18/2006
QRG010 Creating and Saving the Time and Diary Report 12/18/2006
QRG011 Division Audit 9/23/2008
QRG012 DWR Material Sampling and Testing Functionality (new with 3.9b upgrade) 12/6/2010
QRG013 Exporting Snapshots of Access Reports from Terminal Server (Satellite) 2/13/2008
QRG014 Forwarding a Change Order for Review 1/13/2004
QRG015 Generating a Customized Report from Process Lists 12/16/2003
QRG016 Generating a Progress Estimate 9/23/2008
QRG017 Generating Materials on a Contract 6/28/2007
QRG018 Independent Assurance Samples 3/27/2017
QRG019 Loading Verified Payments 9/23/2008
QRG020 Material Sampling and Testing Requirements (revising on a contract) 10/19/2010
QRG021 Material Sampling/Testing - Bituminous Surface Treatments 9/23/2008
QRG022 Materials Sample Submittal of Questionable Pre-Approved Products 6/2/2006
QRG023 Materials Certification Checklist (Division Auditor) 3/27/2017
QRG024 Materials: Asphalt Binder Substitution to a Higher Grade, S & T Changes 4/29/2010
QRG025 Material Acceptance of Penetrating Water Repellent Treatment 8/15/2006
QRG026 Outstanding Item List 8/14/2008
QRG027 PC Paving - OGCMD - Revising Contract S & T's 7/22/2009
QRG028 PC Paving - QC/QA - Revising Contract S & T's 7/22/2009
QRG029 Prestress Concrete Bridge Items - Shop Inspection Documentation 1/8/2010
QRG030 Printing Estimates in SiteManager 9/23/2008
QRG031 Removing a Saved Default Filter 9/23/2008
QRG032 Residency Audit 9/23/2008
QRG033 Sample Checklist Not Updating - Why? 10/5/2006
QRG034 Sample Submittals to Central Lab 9/23/2008
QRG035 Sampling Checklist 5/22/2007
QRG036 SiteManager Default Browser - Internet Explorer 2/2/2004
QRG037 Small Quantity Material Acceptance Method 3/6/2008
QRG038 Superpave - Create Mix Design (long version) 6/25/2007
QRG039 Tester - Sorting by Name in Services > Testers Menu 7/23/2007
QRG040 Used Structural Steel 10/24/2012
QRG041 UTBWC Mix Designs 9/9/2008
Last Modified on Feb 07, 2023
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