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This Construction Subcontract Assurances Agreement (CSA) is between the Prime Contractor and the Subcontractor.It is provided by the Department to assist Prime Contractors with properly executing contracts with Subcontractors on ODOT contracts.


The Prime Contractor must submit a new CSAif there are revisions on an approved subcontact.Additionally, subcontracts and CSAs must be approved by the Department prior to the Subcontractor beginning work.

Prior to beginning the CSAprocess, the prime contractor should gather the following information:

  • Subcontractor's Email Address
  • Subcontractor's Name
  • Subcontractor'sBusiness Name
  • Project Number
  • Job Piece Number
  • Contract ID
  • Division Number
  • County
  • Total Value of Contract


  • Begin by entering a valid name and email address below.
  • The Prime Contractor will receive an access pin number to begin the signing process through the email provided.
  • Use the link provided in the email to access the CSA.
  • Complete all fields in the CSA.
  • After all fields are entered click the “Finish” button located at the top of the website.
  • DocuSign will validate the field entries.
  • Address all error notifications. Once all field entries have been validated, sign the document. After the signature is applied, DocuSign will then send the CSA to the Subcontractor using the email address provided earlier.The Subcontractor must review and sign the CSA.

Upon execution of the CSA, the Department will review the CSA and provide notification to the Prime Contractor once approved.Submit questions regarding this subcontract process to the following email

Federal Aid Projects

Completean agreement for projects with federal oversight.

State Aid Projects

Complete an agreement for projects without federal oversight.

Last Modified on Oct 06, 2020
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