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Contractor Compliance
FHWA Form PR-1391 - EEO Report

The purpose of the PR-1391 report is to show the composition of the workforce by race and gender for each craft classification. This collection of information is required by law and regulation 23 U.S.C. 140a and 23 CFR Part 230.

PR-1391 reports are required to be submitted annually by all prime contractors and subcontractors (except subs who only haul product to and from the construction site, material testers/suppliers, professional services, surveyors) for every construction project that receives federal funding, is active during the month of July, and has a total contract value greater than or equal to $10,000.00.

If the project is completed before July 1st or does not begin until August 1st, no report needs to be filed. 

The form should be completed in one of the two following ways:

1. Your company did work on a project in the month of July.

  • Enter the demographic data for all employees who worked on the project during the last payroll period for the month of July.

2. Your company did not do work on a project in the month of July.

  • If the project was active but no work was performed by anyone in your company during the month of July, click the No Work box in the bottom right corner.

This data is collected and combined so that ODOT can comply with Federal regulations by submitting the combined data via form PR-1392.

Last Modified on Jul 15, 2024
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