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Oil and Gas Conservation Division

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission Customer Service Counter and the Court Clerks office have relocated to the first floor of the Will Rogers Building, located at 2401 N. Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73105.

Online services offered by the Customer Service Counter and the Court Clerks offices will continue to be provided.

Imaged documents directory

Looking for a directory of all the imaged document types?

Oil & Gas data files

Direct link to Oil and Gas Data Files

Database Search

Direct link to WellBrowse and other database for well document searches

Oklahoma Orphan Well Plugging Dashboard

Click the image below to explore the Well Plugging Dashboard

OCC Aerial Photo Viewer

Click the image below to explore the OCC Aerial Photo Viewer

OCC Well Data Finder

Click the image below to explore the OCC Well Data Finder

Oil and gas rules

Chemical Disclosure Requirement

Chemical disclosure requirements for hydraulic fracturing ingredients include all non-horizontal wells for hydraulic fracturing operations as of January 1, 2014. Refer to OCC Rule 165:10-3-10 for compliance requirements. Please report directly to FracFocus.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide information, permitting, investigation, and compliance services to the oil and gas industry, mineral interests, landowners, and the general public so together we can develop the oil and gas resources of the state in a fair and orderly manner while protecting the environment and ensuring public safety.

Oil and Gas Electronic Filing

Save time submitting applications and forms with electronic filing.

Oil and Gas Department Main Contact (405) 521-2331
Toll Free (800) 522-8154

Title Department Phone
Director Oil and Gas Division (405) 521-2331
Policy Advisor Oil and Gas Division (405) 521-2331
Info. Systems Service Coordinator Oil and Gas Division (405) 521-2331

Administrative Department

Title Department Phone
Manager Oil and Gas Administrative Department (405) 521-2331

Field Operations

Title District Office Phone
Field Operations Manager     (405) 522-0716
Assistant Field Operations Manager     (918) 367-3396
Manager District I
Bristow (918) 367-3396
Manager District II
Kingfisher (405) 522-0716
Manager District III Duncan (405) 522-0728
Manager District IV Ada (580) 332-3441
Title Phone
Water Resource Specialist (405) 521-2331

Induced Seismicity and UIC

Title Phone
ISD Manager, Seismicity, Earthquakes (405) 521-2331
Regulatory Manager, Seismicity (405) 521-2331
Special Projects Manager, Seismicity, Technology Improvements (405) 521-2331
Manager, UIC, Salt Water Disposal Permitting (405) 521-2331
UIC Compliance/MITs/1072/1073I (405) 521-2331
UIC Area of Review, Case Review Engineer (405) 521-2331

Pollution Abatement

Title Department Phone
Manager Pollution Abatement (405) 521-2331
Manager Brownfield Program (405) 521-2331

Mineral Owners Escrow Account (MOEA) and Surety

Title Department Phone
Manager MOEA, Surety Departments
(405) 521-2331

Technical Services

Title Department Phone
Manager Technical Services (405) 521-2331
Regulatory Program Manager Technical Review Coordinator (405) 521-2331
Manager Proration / Production / Compliance (405) 521-2331

E-Filing Questions and Login Issues

(405) 521-2331

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