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Oil and Gas Electronic Filing Forms

All questions regarding forms should be directed to, to allow the queries to be directed to the appropriate personnel.

Many forms can be, and have been for many years, filed electronically using the E-Forms and EWfiles systems. We encourage operators to use these systems as the OCC accelerates its digital transformation. Forms that can be filed with the ePermit and EWfiles systems will link to the appropriate system login page in the form description, indicating "ePermit filing available" or "EWfiles filing available".

Filing paper forms in these two categories increases the time it takes to process these forms, preventing front-line workers from performing other duties that cannot be automated. Please help us advance our digital transformation by using our online filing system and thereby your
application processing times.

Form Description  Download PDF Link TO ELECTRONICALLY FILE
Application to Drill, Recomplete or Reenter Form 1000 File the form 1000  electronically
Spud Report Form 1001A File the form 1001A electronically (Currently Unavailable)
Completion Report Form 1002A File the form 1002A electronically
Monthly Unallocated Natural Gas Production Report Form 1004 File the form 1004 electronically

Form 1006B: Oil, Gas, and Service Wells

Form 1006CSFA: Commerical Soil Farming

Form 1006BR-A: Recycling/Reclaiming Facility Requirements

Form 1006S: Seismic Shot Holes

Form 1006BT-A: Truck Wash Pit

Must be filed in OGIMS System File the Surety forms in OGIMS System.
Form 1081: Mineral Owners Escrow Account Must be filed in OGIMS System File the MOEA form 1081 in OGIMS System.
Annual Fluid Injection Report Form 1012 File the form 1012 electronically
Commercial Disposal Well Fluid Disposal Report Form 1012C File the form 1012C electronically

Guide to eForm filing
Back Pressure Test for Natural Gas Wells Form 1016 File the form 1016 electronically
Application for Multiple Completion, Multi-choke Assembly or Commingle Completion Form 1023 (Payment Required) File the form 1023 electronically
Notice of Temporary Lines Form 5000NTL User's Guide File the form 5000 NTL electronicall
Last Modified on Jul 18, 2023
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