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Electronic Case Filing

File a case anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection.
Easily research and track cases in the system.

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Electronic Case Filing (ECF)

File and search new court cases and documents in existing, active cases

Case Document Search

Search documents and orders from 3/21/2022

ECF User Manual

Learn how to register and access new features

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Video Tutorials are available on the Commission's YouTube page.

Need to find case information and documents filed prior to 3/21/2022?

Instructions on how to search Case Processing:

  • Go to the Case Processing web page.
  • You may select the case type from a dropdown menu.
Instructions continue below image.
  • Type a few identifiers in the fields.
    • Eg. enter Party Name "Oklahoma Natural" 
  • Click "Search."

Instructions continue below image.
  • You can sort each category type by clicking in the word in the top bar (bolded text).
    • Eg. to search chronologically, click on "Filing Date" once.
      • Click "Filing Date" again to sort reverse-chronologically to get the most recent at the top.
      • Additional search parameters are available, such as filed in the last week, month, year, etc.
  • Once you've found the case number you want, click on the hyperlink "Link to Imaging"  
Instructions continue below image.
  • Sort each category type as necessary by clicking the blue bar.
    • Click once for chronological or alphabetical sorting.
    • Click again for reverse-chronological or reverse-alpha sorting.

This is a legend for the case type abbreviations that Case Processing uses:

Case Type Description
CD Conservation Docket
CS Consumer Service Docket
EN Enforcement Docket
FD Fuel Docket
FDC Fuel Docket Citation
GD General Docket
GG Gas Gathering Docket
MC Motor Carrier Docket
MCC Motor Carrier Citation
OGC Oil and Gas Citation Docket
PD Pollution Docket
PSC Petroleum Storage Citation
PSD Petroleum Storage Docket
PUD Public Utility Docket
RM Rule Making Docket
SF State Funds Docket

This is a legend for the relief codes that Case Processing uses:

Relief code Description
2 Allowable
5 Change of Operator
24 Rules-Exception
29 Increased Density
32 Location Exception
41 Pooling
50 Spacing
56 Unitization
104 Horizontal Spacing
107 Multi-unit Horizontal Well
108 Horizontal Location Exception

Instructions on how to search Imaging:

You must have Adobe Acrobat viewer to view documents.
  1. Go to the Imaging webpage.
  2. For court documents, choose "OAP Orders and Case Files."
  3. Enter the case number in the top field
  4. Enter the case type in the third field.
  5. Click the "Search" button.
  6. Sort category types by clicking on the word in the blue bar.

Imaged Documents Directory

Last Modified on May 11, 2023