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Searching Imaging

Note: documents filed with the Court Clerk beginning March 21, 2022 will be located in the OCC's new Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system. Visit the ECF page to use the new Case Document Search, or to register for an account and access all the new features.

Instructions on how to search:

You must have Adobe Acrobat viewer to view documents.
  1. Go to the Imaging webpage.
  2. For court documents, choose "OAP Orders and Case Files."
  3. Enter the case number in the top field
  4. Enter the case type in the third field.
  5. Click the "Search" button.
  6. Sort category types by clicking on the word in the blue bar.

Imaging FAQ

The administrative court system provides case documents through a separate Imaging website. To find court documents related to specific cases, you must search the Imaging site. 

You can also find court documents through Case Processing's search function, if you do not have a case number or order number.


We are updating examples for searching, try different variations on the search, instead of typing a 2 enter a 02, or instead of N1E4 enter N01E04.  You may also want to try a basic search of the first few letters of a name instead of the "who" name (Example: Jo instead of Johnathon).

No, in some cases they are held for Homeland security reasons, in other cases they have not been scanned.  This is a test system, we will add images daily.  A list of dates will be placed on the website.

Right Click the image ID, Choose save as and save to your PC.

Scroll down in your browser, the results are listed under the search button.

Most documents are in PDF format. Otherwise, documents will be in TIFF format, which need a TIFF viewer for the images.

Agency staff do support for installing or configuring a Tiff viewer. The vendor provides free software and its website might provide software support. The OCC is not responsible for data loss resulting from installing or using this software. Use at your own risk.

Installing a TIFF viewer: 
  • Visit the vendor Irfanview
  • Save the file to a directory, then double click to install.
  • This viewer does not appear to have the issue on some documents of removing or "blacking out" half the page.
Last Modified on Jul 27, 2023