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NOTICE: In our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission continues to offer Commission meetings via livestream, teleconferencing and videoconferencing. Read details about our COVID precautions here.

Database Search and Imaged Documents

Instruction Manual for all Databases

Case Processing Web Application

Research judicial and administrative case information.  For information on legal cases please call the Docket Clerk office found on our contact page.

Oil and Gas Data Mining

Please Note: The data contained in the oil and gas data mining data base, including but not limited to “Base of Treatable Water” may not provide the best and/or most current data. For the most current base of treatable water data for permits and rule requirements, etc, please email the legal description to: For all other oil and gas data bases for rule requirements, please contact the appropriate department/division of the Conservation Division.

Well Browse Database

Search for old and new well information in the "New Well Browse Database".
For information on wells please call the Oil and Gas division's Well Records at 405-521-2331.

OCC Imaged Documents Directory

Search the OCC Imaged Documents Directory

What's my CD number?

Can't find your case number for a Conservation Docket or other docket type? Search Case Processing

Last Modified on Jun 26, 2021