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NOTICE: In our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission continues to offer Commission meetings via livestream, teleconferencing and videoconferencing. Read details about our COVID precautions here.

Court Proceedings Q & A

How Do I Obtain Daily and Weekly Dockets? By clicking on Commission Court filing on the website. Select either "Weekly" or "Daily Dockets" (PDF) 

How Do I Review a Case Filed with the Corporation Commission? Reviewing the case files is done at the Commission Court Clerk's Office in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa Office. Case files may also be viewed on-line on the OCC homepage. "OCC Documents - Document Image Access - OAP Orders and Case Files". 

How Do I Find the Commission Rules? Commission rules are located on the homepage. Select either Commission Rules or Proposed Rules. The Rules of Practice are Chapter 5 and the Oil and Gas Conservation Rules are Chapter 10

How Do I File Documents by Facsimile with the Court Clerk? Fax original documents to either Oklahoma City (405)522-4517 or Tulsa (918)581-2597. The original hard copy of the document must be filed with the Court Clerk's Office within 5 days from faxing. 

How Do I Find Images of Commission Pleadings? The Commission homepage. Go to OCC Documents, click on Document Image Access, click on OAP Orders and Case Files. Search by Case number, Order number or file date. 

How Do I View an Image Through the Case Processing Web Application? Open the case or cases you are searching for in Case Processing. Highlight the desired case. Click on the "Docket tab." It will display a docket listing pleadings filed in the particular case. Highlight desired pleading, click "View Document tab" at the bottom left of the screen. You can also click the " View all Documents tab." It is also located at the bottom left of the screen. (Please refer to OCC Database Instructions.) 

How Do I Search for a Specific Case Number? Go to Case processing Web Application. In the #1 field, click on the arrow. Highlight and left click "Cause Number." Leave the #2 field as equals. In the #3 field, type your 9 digit cause number. For example: 200901485. Then click "Add Entry." Leave #2 field as "equals," and the field #3, type in your Case Type's would be: CD, PD, PUD, etc. Then click, "Get Result." (Please refer to OCC Database Instructions.) 

How Can I Protest an Application on the Oil and Gas Conservation Docket? Any protestant should begin by reviewing the documentation received about the case, the CD Application and Notice. Any person or legal representative can protest by filing a pleading or sending a letter of protest to the Regional Service Office prior to the date of hearing. The letter will be filed and is a public record. It should list the cause number, applicant's name, legal description, type of protestant, and a clear statement of protest to the relief requested. A copy of this letter should be mailed or faxed to the applicant's contact person and attorney listed in the CD Notice. The fax numbers for the Court Clerk's Office are: Oklahoma City (405)521-3512 and Tulsa (918)581-2597. If it is faxed, the original letter should be mailed or delivered to the Court Clerk's Office within five(5) days of the fax for filing in the case file. If a formal response to the application is not filed, then two important points should be understood:

  • Forwarding an e-mail complaint through the Consumer Service Division's complaint form will not be sufficient to protest the application.
  • When a party sends in a letter but does not appear in person or by telephone to take further action, it is OAP's practice to consider the letter as an added issue for the applicant's representative expert witness to address.
  • On the date of the initial docket call, the protestant will announce the protest by the following recommended steps:
    • Appear yourself or through a legal representative at a Regional Service
    • If you are unable to appear in person, please call the Court Clerk Staff between 8:00-8:30 a.m. on the morning of the initial docket. Call OAP in Oklahoma City at (405)521-2352 or (405)521-4457, or OAP in Tulsa at (918)581-2296. Request the name of the ALJ and tell the ALJ you are protesting the Cause.
    • Announcing a protest means the matter will be rescheduled on a protest docket date.

How Do I Participate in a Telephone Hearing? With the permission of the ALJ a party may participate in a hearing by telephone, if the other parties to the case agree to such procedure. The telephone call must be placed at the telephonic party's expense unless the connection is made from one of the Commission's Regional Service Offices to the other (not from a District Office.) 

How Do I Order a Transcript? If your Cause Number has a T behind it, please call the Tulsa Office, (918) 581-2206. If it does not have a T, please call the Oklahoma City office, (405) 521-2486. You will need to provide the Cause Number and the hearing date. The correct reporter will be notified of the transcript order.

Last Modified on Mar 19, 2021
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