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Household Goods FAQs

Intrastate carriers of household goods - even motor carriers transporting shipments wholly within city limits - are required to obtain a Household Goods Certificate.

"Intrastate" means within the state. "Interstate" means between or across states. If a shipment is picked up and delivered within Oklahoma, it is typically intrastate transportation. If a shipment crosses state lines, it is typically interstate transportation.

You will receive an Intrastate Household Goods Carriers Certificate and make a copy of this certificate for each vehicle to be operated under the certificate. (The original is to be kept in your files.) In addition, during the application process, you must purchase a stamp (identification device) for each vehicle that will be operated under the certificate. The cost is $7.00 per stamp.

Intrastate certificates are initially issued for a period of one year and must be renewed. At renewal time, you may choose to renew for 1, 2 or 3 years. Each year, you must purchase a stamp for each vehicle you intend to operate under the certificate. Even if you choose to renew for 2 or 3 years at a time, you must renew the stamps annually. (Note: Stamp renewal requires less paperwork than does a certificate renewal.) If you additionally operate in interstate commerce, you are also subject to UCR regulations.

To obtain additional stamps during the certificate year, use the TDF 16 Application. You may also use the TDF 16 Form to order additional identification devices during any certificate year.

To renew your identification devices for the next certificate year, use the TDF 16 Application.

Household Goods Certificates are valid for statewide operations.

Household goods carriers are required to maintain both a valid liability insurance certificate and a valid cargo insurance certificate on file. More information can be found in OAC 165:30-3-11 of the Rules.

  • You must have an active USDOT number.
  • You must complete an Application for Household Goods Carrier Authority.
  • You must obtain a current rule book, ensure safety regulations are followed, and provide your operations prevent overloading of vehicles on roadways.
  • You must purchase an annual identification device for each vehicle conducting motor carrier operations under the Household Goods Certificate. Identification devices are $7.00 each. If you acquire additional vehicles during the year, you may need to purchase additional identification devices to ensure you have one for each vehicle.
  • If you intend to transport passengers for hire in intrastate commerce, an Intrastate For-Hire Motor Carrier License is required.
  • If you intend to transport deleterious substances or hazardous materials, additional permits are required in addition to an Intrastate Motor Carrier License for intrastate operations.

The issuance of an Intrastate Household Goods Certificate automatically allows the intrastate transportation of property without the need to obtain an Intrastate Motor Carrier License.

Rules on Household Goods are available on line.

Last Modified on Sep 23, 2021
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