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Prorated Tag or Straight Tag

What is a prorated tag? A prorated tag (also known as an apportioned tag) is a commercial vehicle license plate that has been issued in accordance with the International Registration Plan (IRP). Oklahoma's apportioned license plate has the word "APPORTIONED" displayed on the plate. "Apportioned" means the registration fees for the vehicle are divided up among the states and provinces through which the vehicle travels or within which the vehicle travels. The operator of a commercial motor vehicle bearing an apportioned tag is required to carry a valid cab card inside the vehicle to reflect valid registration. The cab card displays vehicle-specific information, lists each state or province within which the vehicle may operate, and lists the registered weight for each state or province.

What is a commercial straight tag? A commercial straight tag is a license plate valid for operations within the state where the tag is issued.

Who is required to get a prorated tag or a commercial straight tag? A commercial motor vehicle regularly crossing state lines typically gets a prorated tag. Commercial vehicles that do not meet the IRP definition of an apportionable vehicle can also be registered with a prorated tag, if desired. Commercial vehicles (regardless of registered weight) that do not regularly cross state lines get a commercial straight tag. Straight tagged vehicles should obtain a trip permit from another state/province before crossing into that state/province.

What is an apportionable vehicle? An apportionable vehicle is any power unit used, or intended for use, in two or more member jurisdictions and used primarily for the transportation of persons for hire or a power unit designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property, and:

  • Having two axles and a gross vehicle weight or registered gross vehicle weight in excess of 26,000 pounds, or
  • Having three or more axles (regardless of weight), or
  • Used in combination when the gross vehicle weight of such combination exceeds 26,000 pounds.

How do you get a prorated tag? If your established place of business is Oklahoma or if you are a resident of Oklahoma and do not have an established place of business anywhere else, use the IRP Application Form. If you have an established place of business in a state or province other than Oklahoma, obtain your prorated tag from that state or province.

How do you get an Oklahoma straight commercial tag? You can obtain a straight tag from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission's Cashier's Office, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, or from a Motor License Agent (tag agent)

Last Modified on Jun 07, 2023
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