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How do I Find Information on Well Records

Where Do I need to Mail my Forms?

  • Certified or overnight mail
    2101 N. Lincoln Blvd.
    Jim Thorpe Bldg.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105
  • Regular Mail
    P.O. Box 52000
    Oklahoma City, OK 73152

Electronic Form Filing

Status of Intent to drill permit - 405-521-3070


Certificate of Records Search (CRS) - How much do they Cost? What information do I need to provide to get one? How long does it take?

  • For Information call Janie Hlinkicky 405-521-2275
  • Base of Treatable Water / Surface Casing:
  • Blank Forms - Well Records 405-521-2271 or 405-521-2248
Last Modified on Nov 04, 2020
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