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NOTICE: In our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission continues to offer Commission meetings via livestream, teleconferencing and videoconferencing. Read details about our COVID precautions here.

PUD Fee Assessment

Reports are due annually on April 1st

Section 180.11 of Title 17 of the Oklahoma Statutes authorizes the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (“OCC” or “Commission”) to assess a fee upon each public utility in order to provide adequate funding to the Public Utility Division (“PUD”) of the Commission.  PUD is entrusted with the regulation of public utilities in this State, including the timely and expeditious review and completion of various utility-related applications, and to be responsive to the needs of the consumers and the regulated community.

For fee assessment services, “public utility” includes Electric Distribution Companies and Gas Distribution Companies.

Companies that are Competitive Local Exchange Companies (“CLECs”), Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (“ILECs”), Interexchange Telephone Companies (“IXCs”), Operator Service Providers (“OSPs”), Payphone Service Providers (“PSPs”), Resellers, Wireless ETCs should not complete the FY 2022 PUD Fee Assessment Packet.  CLECs, ILECs, IXCs, OSPs, PSPs, Resellers, and Wireless ETCs should complete the combined Telecommunications Annual Report and PUD Fee Assessment (see for more details).  If you have questions about which report your company should complete, please contact  

Last Modified on Feb 24, 2021
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