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Well Status Definitions

code definition
AC (AC) Drilled not plugged
PA (PA) Well drilled and plugged
EX (EX) Expired permit not drilled
ND (ND) New Drill
SP (SP) Spudded well
TA (TA) Temporarily abandon\not plugged
TM (TM) Terminated order\UIC well not plugged
ACRT (AC) Well red tagged
NE (NE) No evidence of well
OR (OR) Orphan well
STFD (STFD) State Fund
PASF (PASF) Plugged with State funds
PASUR (PASUR) Plugged with Surety
PASURSF    (PASURSF) Plugged with Surety and State finds
PAFF (PAFF) Plugged with Federal funds
SFFO (SFFO) State Funds Final Order
SFAW (SFAW) State Funds Award Letter
Last Modified on Aug 04, 2023
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