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Forms 1001A and 1006B are currently unavailable for electronic filing and must be filed either by mail, email, or in person at the Jim Thorpe Building Room 130. These forms will not be processed until any required payment has been received.

Electronic Filing and e-Forms

What can I file online?

See what forms are available for electronic filing

Need Air Quality permits?

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality regulates air quality. Find out if you need an Air Quality permit

There are 3 unique systems for electronic filing of forms, depending on the type of filing.

Access to the electronic form filing system is limited to operators with a current 1006B on file. If the 1006B is not renewed each year prior to the anniversary date, a copy of the 1006B and the applicable filing fee must be submitted to the OCC via mail or hand-delivery. Once an operator has a current 1006B on file, access to the electronic filing system will be granted.

To file, using the Intent to Drill (ITD) system, an Application to Drill, Recomplete or Reenter (Intent to Drill) and pay for it online, go to:


Electronic Filing of Intents to Drill (Form 1000)

Instructions for Electronic Intents to Drill
File Oil and Gas Electronic Intent to Drill

If you need assistance with your Intent to Drill forms or Login questions please e-mail

Request a login to Intents to Drill

To enter, using the eForms system, your 1012, 1012C and 1012D forms:


Oklahoma eForm (Form 1012, 1012C and 1012D)

OK eForm Login (Form 1012, 1012C and 1012D)
OK eForm - Registration User Guide
OK eForm - 1012D User Guide
OK eForm - 1012C User Guide
OK eForm - 1012 User Guide

If you have any questions or login issue’s with the eForm system, please contact

To enter, using the e-WellFiles system, the 1001A, 1002A, or 1023 forms:

Electronic Filing of All Other Oil and Gas Forms 

Login to all other online forms (Form 1001A, 1002A, 1023)
File Electronic Well Logs - Please file logs as an attachments in a vendor formatted black and white tiff, or PDF

If you have any questions or login issues with the e-WellFiles system, please contact

Request a login for e-WellFiles

New Users Login Account Request

Oil and Gas Electronic Forms Filing Login Agreement

By requesting an OCC ID and password, I declare that I have full authority to obtain this authorization for the electronic filing of applications and forms to the Oil and Gas Division for the entity requesting electronic filings. I understand that electronic submission of documents using the OCC electronic filing systems will constitute approval of the filing entity, thereby foregoing an original signature on these documents.

I hereby agree to keep the OCC assigned ID and password confidential and that both the filing entity and I will be responsible for any unauthorized use of the assigned ID and password.

All applicable fees related to a charge, merchant fee or convenience fee will not be refunded by the OCC.

This authorization will remain in effect until written notification is provided by a representative or an authorized agent of the filing entity.

By requesting a login to any of these electronic filing systems, I accept the terms stated above.

To request a login to any of these systems, send an email request to the email address listed for the appropriate electronic filing system.

Problems with your account?

Call 405-521-2331 or send an email the address listed in the appropriate electronic filing system's section above.

Last Modified on Apr 17, 2023
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