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NOTICE: Electronic Case Filing is here! You can file, research, and track cases anytime, anywhere there's an internet connection. Go to the ECF page to learn more and get started today.

Electronic Filing and e-Forms

Attention Form 1006B users: The payment module for the form 1006B online is currently unavailable. You will need to fill out the paper Form 1006B and mail in a check for your renewal.

What can I file online?

See what e-Filing forms are available

Need Air Quality permits?

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality regulates air quality. Find out if you need an Air Quality permit

Follow these steps to sign up for e-Filing:

  • Read the user agreement in the box

  • Click "Request Account login"

  • Check your email; the RBDMS system will send your login ID and password.

    • Response time can take from a few minutes to as much as 24 hours.

    • Check Spam folder if you did not get the email.

New Users Login Account Request

*Do not sign up here for the Form 1012C, Form 1012D or Form 1012 Annual (See forms below)

Oil and Gas Electronic Forms Filing Login Agreement

By requesting an OCC ID and password, I declare that I have full authority to obtain this authorization for the electronic filing of applications and forms to the Oil and Gas Division for the entity requesting electronic filings. I understand that electronic submission of documents using the OCC e-filing system will constitute approval of the filing entity, thereby foregoing an original signature on these documents.

I hereby agree to keep the OCC assigned ID and password confidential and that both the filing entity and I will be responsible for any unauthorized use of the assigned ID and password.

All applicable fees related to a charge, merchant fee or convenience fee will not be refunded by the OCC.

This authorization will remain in effect until written notification is provided by a representative or an authorized agent of the filing entity.

By clicking the link "Request Account Login Here" below, I accept the terms stated above.

Problems with your account?

Contact Matthew Merino for help with login issues


Electronic Filing of All Other Oil and Gas Forms 

Form 1004 - Entering Individual Gas Volumes
Form 1004 - Importing Gas Volume Spreadsheets
Login to all other online forms (except the Form 1000)
File Electronic Well Logs - Please file logs as an attachments in a vendor formatted black and white png, tiff, or as a LAS 2.0 file
Last Modified on May 04, 2022
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