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How Do I Find Surety Information?

Matthew Merino Administrative Assistant (405) 521-2331 208
David Bennett Administrative Assistant (405) 521-2331 208

How does an operator change from a Category B to Category A Surety

The operator is required to keep Category B for 3 years with no fines or contempts before they can change to Category A Surety. Form 1006A is NOT on the website. The 1006A can be requested from the Surety Department.

How Does an Operator get Out of the Oil and Gas Business?

Mail the Surety Department a Notice of Cancellation, either from he Operator/Surety Company. A 6 month notice is required. The Surety Department will begin the paperwork when it is received. If all Departments have cleared the Operator, the surety Release will be mailed to the Surety Company and Operator.

Is There a Charge for Processing a Form 1073?

Yes. For a single well transfer, the fee is $25 per well. For transferring 10 or more wells, the fee is $250.

Where do I find Unitization agreements?

Unitization Agreements are found Under Document Image Access. Select "Oil and Gas Unitization".

Why Can I Not Find Documents When I Click on the View/Doc Button From your Oil and Gas Web Applications?

Documents scanned into the image system with no API available for indexing cannot be found in this search. You will need to do your search by legal location

How Do I Find Spacing and Pooling Orders

  • Case Processing Web Application has Spacing and Pooling orders
  • Orders available from 1999 to present
  • In some cases orders are available from 1992-1998
  • Microfiche is available at the Commission for years prior to 07-01-1998

Is it possible to do a multiple well transfer as opposed to a single 1073 transfer?

YES. Per rule 165:10-1-15(a)(2) for transfers involving more than 10 wells. Contact Well Records at 405-521-2331 for instructions.

Why doesn't your database show all the wells that have been plugged?

Our database started with a download from Petroleum Information in 1987. Data entered into the system until 1989. Therefore wells plugged before this date will not likely show on our system. We are continuing to update our system with the resources that are made available to us

Can you give me address and telephone information of an operator?

Yes, if it is listed in our Operator Directory available on our website under the oil and gas web applications/ Database/ Operator Browse.

Last Modified on May 20, 2021