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Oil and Gas Downloadable Forms 1073-1535 and Certificate of Non-development

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Filing paper forms increases processing time, even when those forms are filled out on the computer and emailed.

Paper filing also prevents front-line workers from performing other duties.

Forms 1073-1535 and Certificate of Non-Development

  Notice of Transfer of Well Operatorship 1073
  Transfer of Operatorship - Injection, Disposal and Commercial Disposal Wells 1073I
  Transfer of Operatorship - Multiple Wells 1073MW
  Transfer of Operatorship - Multiple Injection, Disposal and Commercial Disposal Wells 1073IMW
  Form 1073A-D Instructions 2021 FORM 1073A-D Instructions
  Application For Change of Operator on Orders of the Commission 1073A
  Notice of Application on Orders of the Commission 1073B
  Notice of Hearing on Orders of the Commission 1073C
  Operator Permitting Change of Operator, Appointment of Alternative Operator and/or Deletion of Designation of Operator on Orders of the Commission 1073D
  Tax Rebate Incentive Program -Instructions and Examples (Click Link)  
  Application for Sales Tax Exemption (Dewatering or Enhanced Recovery Project) 1535.PDF
  Certificate of Non-Development (formerly known as Certificate Of Record Search (CRS) ) Certificate of Non-Development Request.PDF


Last Modified on Jul 29, 2022