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Long Term Quality Initiatives Council (LTCQIC)/Living Choice Advisory Council (LCAC)

Mission Statement:

To objectively consider and evaluate the needs of Oklahoman’s who are seeking long term care supports and services. The Council identifies gaps in the current service delivery system and makes recommendations to the OHCA Long Term Services and Supports unit, related to program development and service implementation, to best meet the needs of the aging and disabled populations in Oklahoma.


Our vision is to ensure that Oklahoman’s have accessible, affordable, and unbiased long-term services to support healthy living and aging in place.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Collaborates with state staff for the trending, prioritizing and implementation of system improvements in long term services and supports.
  • Advise and assist the OHCA and its partner agencies in the design, development, and implementation of the Living Choice program.
  • Develops recommendations for systemwide improvement strategies.


The Council follows a path of engaging people at all levels striving for the continual enhancement and improvement in the value of the long-term service and supports programs for all stakeholders.

  • Outcomes will be measured by surveys, evaluations, remediations, and activities relating to the performance of the long-term care programs.


The Council consists of various divisions within OHCA as well as provider agencies advocacy groups and other stakeholders.

  • Twenty-five participant maximum including:
    • LTSS staff, Care Management staff, Quality Assurance staff, PACE staff, Legal, Systems, OHS, and representatives of Member advocacy groups, LTSS Tribal partners and provider agency representatives
    • One designated chairperson
    • One designated co-chair


The LTCQIC/LCAC Committee provides a means for an active partnership with the State Medicaid Agency. The responsibility of this committee will be to continuously build and maintain a collaborative approach in defining and addressing issues    related to standards for quality care in long term service and supports programs. The council will function in an advisory capacity.

Potential areas for input include:

  1. Processes and Procedures
  2. Monitoring service gaps and working with appropriate partners to address them.
  3. Improving the member experience
  4. Have an active role in the service evaluation process with consumer input.
  5. Develop new resources to assist or enhance the LTSS system including plans for overcoming barriers.


  • Meet quarterly (Virtual or in-person).
  • Chairperson will establish agenda.
  • A member of the LTSS unit will be appointed to record minutes.
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