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Living Choice Meeting Definitions

The Service Delivery Team reviews: 

  • Contracts
  • Interagency Agreements
  • Transition Coordination Successes and Challenges
  • Self-Direction
  • Caseloads
  • Service Coordination

The Quality Assurance Team reviews:

  • Program Accountability
  • Monitoring of Providers and Claims Information
  • Data Collection
  • Quality of Life Survey
  • How Well the Project is Working
  • State Data Reports
  • Federal Data Reports
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

The Public Policy Team reviews:

  • Emerging Trends in Home and Community-Based Long-Term Care
  • State and Federal Legislation Impacting Long-Term Care
  • Livable Communities for People of all Ages with Disabilities or Long-Term Illnesses
  • Medicaid State Plan Development
  • Public Awareness

The Work force Development Team reviews: 

  • Training of Transition Coordinators
  • Direct Support Professionals
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