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Some cellular carriers are having trouble connecting to the SoonerCare helpline. To update your SoonerCare information, please log into We apologize for any inconvenience.




The contractor we use to transport you has protocols in place for your safety. 
Your SoonerRide driver will always be wearing a photo ID badge. Inside of the vehicle, there will also be a SoonerRide sign. OHCA and our contractor are working to strengthen security measures for your safety. Your driver will now be required to show you their photo ID badge before you enter the vehicle.
Your safety is very important to us, and we are committed to ensuring  safe and reliable transportation for our members.

SoonerRide is a program that helps you get to and from your SoonerCare appointments if you need a ride. We partner with LogistiCare Solutions LLC to provide this non-emergency transportation service for both the SoonerCare Traditional and SoonerCare Choice programs. Some of the important features of SoonerRide are:

  • SoonerRide arranges to take you to medically necessary services covered by SoonerCare;
  • You must call at least three business days before your appointment to arrange for your ride.
  • A trip authorization number must be obtained in advance through the reservation line for gas/mileage reimbursement.


You can schedule your ride by calling toll-free 877-404-4500 and TDD 800-722-0353 during these hours:

  • 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday;
  • 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Important: Be sure to write down the confirmation number.

If your ride is 15 minutes late, call, "Where's My Ride?" at 800-435-1034 or 711 (TDD).


  • Facility Line

Lodging and/or Meals Services

If you must travel a long distance that requires an overnight stay in order to access SoonerCare approved medical services with a specialist doctor, then you can contact the Population Care Management Division at 877-252-6002 to request help with lodging and/or meals during your trip.

The Population Care Management Division will talk with you, review your request, and notify you whether or not you are approved for SoonerCare lodging and/or meals services.

You may also ask a hospital social worker to help you, or ask your doctor’s office to send a SoonerCare Lodging and/or Meals Request form (referral form) to Population Care Management Division. The form they need can be found below.

Read the links below for more information.

Additional Child Passengers:

  1. SoonerRide will now begin taking up to three children to urgent medical appointments. The appointment can be for either a sick child or sick parent.  The following conditions must apply:
  2. The medical appointment must be urgent (to be seen within 24 hours) as determined by the member’s doctor.  SoonerRide will confirm this with the member’s doctor.
  3. All children must be the member’s by birth, marriage, legal adoption, foster child,
    or legal guardianship.
  4. All additional children (not the patient) must be younger than 13 years of age.  Unless, the child has complex medical, intellectual or physical disabilities that require constant care and supervision.
  5. Each child must have their own car seat, provided by the member, if required, by state law.

Members must make the request for additional child passengers when making the trip reservation. A maximum of three (3) children can ride with their parent/guardian. The total number of passengers, including the driver cannot be more than five (5) for any vehicle.

Quick Tips

Before calling SoonerRide, have these ready:

  • Your current SoonerCare ID number;
  • Time and day of your appointment;
  • Address and phone number of the facility;
  • Reason for your appointment.


Issues / Complaints

  • SoonerRide Facility Line 1-800-435-1276
  • Late or No Arrival contact - Where Is My Ride 1-800-435-1034
  • Reservations 1-877-404-4500