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Harrison - Tuttle, Oklahoma | Watch The Video  

Harrison Howell is an amazing 14-year-old who is able to overcome his disabilities to share his beautiful music and personality with us. Harrison suffers from a severe form of autism called Autism Savant. He has gone through a lot in his 14 years battling health issues like a brain deformity (Chiari Malformation), a tethered spinal cord that resulted in surgery, Spina Bifida (a birth defect where the spine is not formed properly), a device placed in his stomach to empty out his stomach since he has no bowel function, asthma and more. 

Despite all of his health issues, he has some unique talents including his ability to play any song on the piano by ear after hearing it only once. Harrison's parents took him to see Christmas lights when he was 3 years old. They took him to a home that played lots of Christmas   music including the Trans Siberia Orchestra. When they got back home, Harrison went to the family keyboard and played perfectly the songs he had heard. 

Since then, he has his own piano and is able to play most anything he hears, including TV commercial jingles after hearing them only one time. We are so thankful that SoonerCare has been able to help keep Harrison healthy by covering his doctors' visits, surgeries, medication and more so he can share is amazing gift with everyone. 

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