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Tools & Resources

The OSSI Team is committed to providing Oklahoma Schools with the latest tools and resources available to keep the students of Oklahoma safe.

Below are the current OSSI Tipline posters that can be used to print off or share as necessary.  If you would like us to send you the Tipline poster just contact us and we'll mail them to you.

Resources Provided By the U.S. Government

The the safety and security of students in the United States has always been a priority by our state and federal government and government officials have tasked multiple state and federal agencies, such as OSSI, to oversee this priority. The resources in this section have been provided from those agencies and are all research-based, evidence-based, or best practices.

FEMA - Developing School Emergency Operations Plans
- Collaborating with multiple federal agencies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency created a guide to assist schools with creating a high-quality school emergency operations plan.

U.S. Secret Service - School Safety Initiative Final Report
- Finalized in 2002, the United States Secret Service completed an intense multi-decade study of school violence and provided target violence prevention strategies for schools nationwide.

Resources Provided By Non-Governmental Organizations

OSSI understands that many non-governmental organizations share the same mission to keep our students safe in schools. While OSSI does not endorse any organization, we are happy to post links to their website to keep school officials, public safety personnel, and parents aware of these resources.

'i love u guys' Foundation
Created after the Platte Canyon High School tragedy on 09/27/2006, the "I Love U Guys" Foundation was created to restore and protect the joy of youth through educational programs and positive actions in collaboration with families, schools, communities, organizations, and government entities.

NASRO: National Association of School Resource Officers
Founded in 1991, NASRO is the world's leader in school-based policing and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of training to school-based law enforcement officers in order to promote safer schools and safer kids.

OKASRO: Oklahoma Association of School Resource Officers
Formed under NASRO in 1991, OKASRO strives to promote and advance school resource officer programs across the State of Oklahoma as well as promote the concept that school-based policing is a valuable asset of law enforcement and the educational process.

SSAC: School Safety Advocacy Council
Founded in 2004, the mission of the SSAC is to train and facilitate partnerships between the school staff, parents, law enforcement, and the community to effectively deal with the issues of child safety both within the school and the community.

Table Tops
OSSI recommends using table top exercises to ensure your staff is familiar with your emergency operations plan. These exercises can be done during a faculty meeting or during professional development training. Table top exercises are useful for finding weaknesses in your plan before an actual emergency occurs.

RAO Drill Requirements
This form was provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Education, Regional Accreditation Officers.

Last Modified on Sep 19, 2022
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