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Critical Infrastructure

Vigilance - “Guarding America”:  We will relentlessly identify and deter threats that pose a danger to the safety of the citizens of the State of Oklahoma and the American people.  As an Office, we will be constantly on guard against threats, hazards, or dangers that threaten our values and our way of life.

Program Purpose

The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure program coordinates and collaborates across government and the private sector. With assistance from our Federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) partners, the program conducts and facilitates vulnerability and consequence assessments to help private critical infrastructure owners and operators and State, local, and tribal, partners understand and address risks to critical infrastructure. It also provides information on emerging threats and hazards so that appropriate actions can be taken, as well as tools and training to partners to help partners in government and industry manage the risks to their assets, systems, and networks.

The program is responsible for completing several annual reports for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and DHS. These reports include the Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA), and Stakeholder Preparedness Review (SPR). The program handles Continuity of Operations (COOP) trainings and information dissemination for all state, local, and tribal partners.


Rohit Rai


(405) 542-7465

Last Modified on Jan 03, 2024
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