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Exercise, Training, and Presentations


OKOHS personnel are available to provide simple or robust cybersecurity tabletop exercise programs to city, county or state entities. These tabletop exercises can include personnel from the IT department all the way up to including the entire city or county staff divisions (including executive level staff and personnel.) We utilize the CISA recommended tabletop exercise program and vignettes. The exercises are non-attributional and encourage action/reaction problems that are tailored to the customers pre-exercise expected coordinated outcomes or outputs. 


FEMA has partnered with cybersecurity experts to develop an engaging strategy board game to explore the dynamics of cyber preparedness. Using gameboards and playing cards, players group within the game “community” to decide how to invest cyber credits to protect essential services. The community weathers multiple cyber incidents, shares information, and negotiates to prioritize cyber response resources needed to sustain the community’s critical functions. Through game play, players learn aspects of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s cybersecurity framework.


OKOHS personnel are also  accomplished presenters and speakers with dozens of years’ experience in training and presenting material to audiences of all types and sizes. We also provide training on cybersecurity awareness and trends in a standard format or in a dynamic group exercise format utilizing the FEMA Cyber Ready Community Game.


Contact for more information or to schedule a presentation, conference training, or standard training event.

Last Modified on Dec 19, 2023