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Operational Readiness Exercise

Exercise Overview

Check out all of the videos from the 2021 ORE on our YouTube Channel.

The Operational Readiness Exercise (ORE) is structured to be a three (3) day event with twelve (12) hour operational periods each day and six (6) individual training locations operating simultaneously for the three days.

Oklahoma Task Force One, in partnership with the technical rescue units of the Oklahoma RRS system, the All Hazard Public Safety Communication Committee (AHPSCC), and communications assets from across the state, conducted a full scale exercise. The exercise focused on incident response, information sharing, emergency operations plans, and procedures. As well as communications and coordination between the responding agencies.

Regional Response Technical Rescue units had the opportunity to practice specialized rescue techniques in a realistic environment. Each Rescue unit checked in at the Base of Operations (BOO). After following standardized check in procedures, the units would then be dispatched to a remote scene location. Upon arrival at the rescue scene, the rescue team received a briefing and the unit was assigned one of five Technical Rescue scenarios. Using their own equipment, the responders mitigate the incident under the supervision of a subject matter expert. The communications assets not only supported communications needs for the exercise by integrating with rescue units, but also used this exercise to work on position task books for COML, COMT, INTD, RADO, AUXC, and ITSL. As well as worked on operational excellence for basic and advanced skills.  

Last Modified on Dec 21, 2023