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Small Decontamination Units


There are 24 Small Decontamination units throughout the state. The Small Decontamination unit is a 14-foot trailer equipped with an electric generator, a decontamination tent (which can be used as a rehabilitation shelter) and associated decontamination equipment. Each unit cost approximately $42,000 to build and equip.

These units operate in conjunction with the Large and Intermediate Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) units to provide decontamination of victims and or responders exposed to hazardous substances. These units are not designed to clean-up hazardous materials spills.


  • Technical decontamination at a rate of approximately 50 per hour
  • Command center capability
  • Rehabilitation area for first responders
  • Medical treatment and triage\Personnel staging area

Team Information

  • A Minimum of six (6) Team Members
  • A Minimum of six (6) Team Members IFSAC-Certified to NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Operations Level
Last Modified on Mar 22, 2022
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