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Higher Education Institution NIMS Advisories

The Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security is pleased to announce the release of the NIMS Implementation Activities for Schools and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) issued  by the US Department of Education's Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (OSDFS)

As Recipients of Federal Preparedness funding through the USDOE's Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) and Emergency Management for Higher Education Discretionary Grant Program, local educational institutions and schools are required to fulfill NIMS implementation activities in close coordination with members of their local government and emergency response community.  Additionally, it is recommended that all schools and HEIs review and implement these activities as they are key steps any school or HEI can take in advance of an emergency, and may also formalize many activities already being conducted by schools or HEIs.   

The Higher Education Institutions and Schools NIMS compliance requirements presents a set of key school and campus emergency management activities that will enhance the relationship between schools and campuses, their respective local governments, and their community partners as they communicate, collaborate, and coordinate on these NIMS activities.   

For additional guidance documents associated with NIMS implementation for Higher Education and Post-Secondary institutions Visit the USDOE REMS website.

Last Modified on Mar 16, 2022
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