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Enoch Kelly Haney’s colossal statue The Guardian stands prominently atop the Oklahoma State Capitol dome where it was lifted on June 7, 2002. The 17-foot-tall statue holds a staff that reaches 22 feet into the sky.

The Guardian embodies the diversity within the proud and strong population of Oklahoma while serving as a reminder of our tumultuous times. The sculpture signifies the Native Americans who were forced from their homes during the 1800s and the sons and daughters who survived the devastating Dust Bowl. The towering statue exemplifies the valor of Oklahomans and their ability to overcome the most horrific catastrophes such as the bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. 

The Guardian is a reminder that just below him within the halls of our grand Capitol, the true guardians of Oklahoma, our elected officials and others, are working every day to improve this already magnificent state.

Last Modified on Mar 10, 2022