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Intermediate Technical Rescue Units


There are 10 Intermediate Technical Rescue Units across the state. Each unit cost around $450,000 to build and equip. Each Intermediate Technical Rescue Unit consists of a tow vehicle, a 38-foot trailer containing rescue equipment and a Small Rescue Unit.

The Small Rescue Unit is a multi-faceted, self-contained rescue trailer. A 44-horsepower diesel engine and a 20KVW generator powers each unit. Fixed equipment includes a full range of hydraulic core technology extrication tools, two 900-watt light towers, a breathing air compressor system, four cascade air tanks and storage for additional equipment.Once on scene the tow vehicle can be disconnected from the trailer and be used for other needed functions such as transporting responders and equipment closer to the incident.


  • Interoperable communications
  • Structural collapse operations
  • High angle rescue
  • Confined space rescue
  • Trench rescue
  • Provide O2 to refill cylinders and cascade system on other response units
  • Provide electrical power to support emergencies
  • Tower lighting capabilities
  • Command center for emergency events

Team Information

  • A Minimum of nine (9) Team members
  • Each team member is trained to IFSAC-Certified to NFPA 472 Hazardous Materials Operations level
  • Each team member is trained to NFPA 1670 Structural Collapse Operations level
  • Each team member is trained in Ropes Rescue I & II, Trench Rescue, Confined Space, and Vehicle and Machinery Extrication Operations
Last Modified on Mar 02, 2022
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