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School Security

The Oklahoma School Security Institute acts as the central resource for all school security information, programs, and training in the State of Oklahoma. Any Oklahoma School (public, private, non-profit, and charter school as well as technology centers) may contact OSSI for programs and resources to enhance school security and assess risks and threats to school campuses.

Your source for reporting a drill, documentation and training opportunities.

Now, suspicious activity or concerns can be reported by texting “OKS Threat” to 226787. Texting a tip will allow for anonymous, two-way communication, images and video to be sent 24 hours a day. Any incident that could compromise the safety or security of any Oklahoma school or school-sanctioned event should be reported

Protect OK App

Report suspicious activity or a possible threat to any Oklahoma School.

Return to Learn

Explore the Oklahoma resources to feel safe and succeed this school year.

Training Calendar

Resources for you to learn from. Register today for a class in your field of work.

School Panic Button

The Rave Panic Button alerts authorities to an active shooter, a medical emergency, a fire, or other crisis.

NASRO Conferences

Start planning now for the future conferences by NASRO.

Contact Information


Mike Fike
Director, Threat Response Preparedness Division

Last Modified on Jan 03, 2024
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