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Statewide Interoperability Governing Body (SIGB)


The Statewide Interoperability Governing Body (SIGB) was established in May 2009 after the consolidation of Oklahoma's two former governance structures, the Oklahoma Interoperability Executive Committee (OIEC) and the Governance Working Group (GWG). The SIGB is a formal group of public safety practitioners from across the state working with OKOHS to improve communications interoperability. Jurisdictions at the local, county, state, tribal, federal and authorized non-governmental organizations are represented.

SIGB Charter


All public safety entities in the state of Oklahoma will possess the knowledge, resources, and technology to effectively communicate as authorized through voice and data, on demand and in real-time, to ensure life safety, incident stabilization, and property conservation.


To support the highest level of communications interoperability for all public safety entities throughout the state of Oklahoma by fostering an effective organizational structure to oversee that proper planning, training and resources are provided to responders at all levels.


  • Advise OKOHS on the annual revisions of the SCIP.
  • Advocate the implementation of the SCIP across the State.
  • Suggest best practices, policies, procedures and protocols for interoperable communications and incorporate them into existing regional interoperability agreements.
  • Ensure that training opportunities for interoperable communications are available to all necessary and authorized public safety practitioners.
  • Identify and recommend future technologies that will enhance the interoperable communications capability in the state of Oklahoma.
  • Develop an effective outreach campaign to educate public safety personnel across the state of communications interoperability issues.
  • Provide recommendations for the creation of statewide SOPs.
  • Ensure that appropriate and effective training and exercise programs are developed to encourage daily usage across the state.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Service
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Emergency Management
  • Utilities
  • Harris Owner
  • Federally Recognized Tribes
  • Non-Government Organization
  • Oklahoma SWIC
  • Oklahoma CIO
  • Oklahoma DPS
  • Oklahoma DOT
  • Oklahoma SDH
  • Oklahoma Military Department
  • OKWIN Owner
  • OKWIN Project Manager
  • OKOHS Region 1
  • OKOHS Region 2
  • OKOHS Region 3
  • OKOHS Region 4
  • OKOHS Region 5
  • OKOHS Region 6 & 8 (previously COUASI)
  • OKOHS Region 7
Last Modified on Mar 03, 2022
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